5 Reasons to Spend Your Gap Year at Sea

Posted on 4 March 2019 @ 8:39pm

5 Reasons to Spend Your Gap Year at Sea

For students contemplating a gap year following high school, spring is the time to buckle down and research which organization or program may be the right fit. For those still on the fence when it comes to postponing postsecondary enrolment, we encourage you to read this piece explaining why even Harvard thinks a gap year, is a good thing. Warning: it may swing the pendulum pretty heavily in favour of a year on.

Wait... what's a year on? It's a year of growth and self-discovery. It's whatever you make it! It's your gap year. Once you've decided you're ready to take on something different, ask yourself what you're hoping to achieve from your year on. Are you looking for travel opportunities? Are you passionate about language or cultural immersion? Or perhaps you're eager to give back in a meaningful way? Now that you know what you want, it's time to find an organization that lets you do exactly that and more.

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5 Reasons to Spend Your Gap Year at Sea

Whether it's academic credits, volunteer work, exploration or introspection you're in search of - you'll find it here, as a gap year student with Class Afloat.

Travel the World with an International Crew

Together with students from over 14 nationalities, you'll explore 20+ new ports, embark on historical, cultural and outdoor themed port programs and enjoy time for independent travel. Get ready for an overnight in the desert and camel safari in Morocco, a trip up the Amazon in Suriname and a steaming cup of coffee along the winding streets of Lisbon. Curious to see where ours students are heading next year? See our newly released 2019-2020 school year.

Earn Academic Credits (Optional)

Not every gap year student will want to take academic courses for credit and that is fine by us! For those who do, we offer the chance to improve high school classes or enrol in a 1st year university course offered and accredited by our partners at Acadia University. Small classroom sizes and a full time teaching faculty make learning a positive experience for all students.

Embark on International Volunteer Projects

Class Afloat students participate in two official service learning projects per year. Enjoy a homestay with a Senegalese or Dominican family and work alongside organizations on the ground to make a sustainable and tangible difference in the global community. Giving back is engrained in the Class Afloat ethos which means that from beach clean-ups to conservation work on-land, there are always opportunities to give back.

Learn to Sail

With Class Afloat, you're not just part of the crew - you are the crew. Take the helm of the our 70 meter long, three-mast topsail schooner, the Gulden Leeuw, as you conduct two hours of day watch and night watch alongside our professional mariner crew. Enjoy time for introspection as you go aloft and get lost in one magnificent sunset after the other.

Get Ready for What Comes Next

As leaders in experiential education since 1984, Class Afloat prides itself on preparing students for the year after their year at sea. Respected by post-secondary institutions and employers, our program is known for cultivating creativity, independence, maturity and leadership skills while teaching students the importance of team work, accountability and responsibility. Class Afloat students are ready to take on whatever adventure comes next!

Questions about spending your gap year at sea? Email our Director of Admissions, Arden Jobling-Hey and start your adventure with Class Afloat, today.