Alumni Sail

Posted on 21 January 2015 @ 3:10pm

Alumni Sail

Galley, Watch, Happy Hour, Lookout and 1 min shower… Those strange words coming out from Floaties mouth… Those words you think you understand… But I swear you don’t until you experience them for real! Alumni Sail is the best way to get along with life at sea as a CAF member!

After a week onboard, I can really and fully understand how my daughters lived for a school year on a tall ship. During night watch, I was surrounded by thousands of stars and was thinking about the wonderful opportunity CAF students get to experience every year. Also I can understand how close they get to each other over the semester as I saw impressive teamwork during this Alumni Sail! 

I have no words to describe my feeling when I saw land on port side as we approached Guadeloupe… 15 hours sail, imagine crossing the ocean! Climbing aloft was also a challenging moment while at sea during this one week Caribbean Sail, but I was so proud to make it. Without any doubt, I will come back for another CAF Alumni Sail ! 

Written by Alumni Parent, Sophie Carriere