Ascension Island Conservation Work

Posted on 31 March 2017 @ 5:56pm

Ascension Island Conservation Work

Ascension Island is a small volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Because of its isolation from the rest of the world, Ascension has become home to many different species of animals, including endemic ones. 

Acension Island Fishing

Some of the people on the island only live on the island to protect wildlife, such as Green Sea Turtles, Giant Land Crabs, various species of seabirds, and dozens of plant species.

Acension Island Turtles

At night, we went out on to the beach to watch giant female Green Sea Turtles, lay their eggs. While laying their eggs they enter a trance and will stop laying. We were surrounded, it was so quiet, all you could hear was the sound of turtles breathing and kicking sand out of the way with their fins.

Sea Turtles, Ascension Island

Ascension Island is a wonderful place. 

- Written by Class Afloat student, Andrew C