Posted on 28 April 2017 @ 3:51pm


Barbados was a very beautiful Caribbean island.

When we arrived, a bunch of the other students including myself were super excited and happy for some time off the ship. Those last few hours of class seemed to last forever, but that made it all the more satisfying when we did end up getting off the ship. As always, the first stop we made was to get some food - this time we chose KFC. After eating for a solid 30 minutes we walked down the beach until we found a place to get some cokes, since we all miss pop so much, and then we went and kicked back for the first time in 26 days. That night we all made sure to be in bed as early as possible so that we’d be able to make the most out of the next day.

When we woke up the next morning we all had a spring in our step and headed straight to the beach, after cleaning stations that is. We found a wonderful beach resort where we got a crew discount. We then decided to set up shop there and tanned and swam all morning long. We had a blast. From there some of the group headed back to gangway and the rest of us got a bite to eat and made our way over to the Hilton, which was another wonderful beach resort with delicious virgin cocktails and a nice beach.  That night we went down to The Gap which was supposed to be quite the scene in Barbados; it did not disappoint. We went to a few different eateries and wandered around that area. To our surprise we found a bar that had the playoffs on television! As you can imagine this was pretty darn exciting for me and the other Canadians that were there. After the hockey game we made our way out of that area, got some ‘pig tails on a stick’ and went to a beach close to the boat. We horsed around for an hour or so there and then it was time to head back to the boat for curfew.

The next day I didn’t get off the boat till about 12 as Dan and I had Gangway watch. When we did get off the boat, we went to a nice restaurant, grabbed some food and went to yet another beach where we swam, hung out and enjoyed the spectacular Bajan sun. We then went and checked out a little shopping complex to look for souvenirs and what not; unlucky for us it was Easter weekend and almost nothing was open for 5 whole days. That night we headed out to a very popular fish festival in an area called Oistins.

St. Nicholas Abbey

This a part of the distillery at the abbey where they make that delicious Bajan Rum!

Another really cool part of our trip to Barbados was the port programming. First we went to a super cool self sustaining farm – PEG Farm & Nature Reserve - where believe it or not we were given a tour from an ex floatie – Georgia, who was in the program 6 years ago! She showed us many different Bajan trees and plants, then we went and saw a bunch of piglets, which were kind of smelly but super cool. They even had cows and chickens on the farm. Aviva and Marlee actually managed to pick up some of those slippery chickens. 

After the wonderful farm tour we made our way to an absolutely splendid rum distillery called St. Nicholas’ Abbey. When we got there we were all given an amazing tour of the humungous house where it all started, then we were shown the process of distilling the rum and given a brief history on the island and what it was like back in the old times. They even showed us video with very old footage of the distillery and the undeveloped island and the whole process of how everything worked, along with the evolution to what it is today. After the distillery we went back to the boat to show people around for our open house and to provision the rest of the food for this year.

On that last night we all made our way back to the boat after one last delicious meal and super satisfying final swim only to realize that 4 of the ship’s mooring lines had snapped from the big swells! As soon as the last man had scrambled back aboard we headed out to sea a night early, so that we could avoid breaking more lines. That was the end to yet another spectacular port with the most amazing group of people imaginable.

Barbados Beach

Here’s one of the beautiful white sand beaches that cover the Island of Barbados. 

- Written by Grade 11 student Marek