Cádiz, Spain

Posted on 15 November 2014 @ 8:04pm

Cádiz, Spain

We were at anchor the night before our grand arrival. Following our deep clean on arrival morning, we prepared the ship to arrive at 10 am. After we arrived and hugged and kissed our parents, we introduced them to our friends. It was nice to get to know the parents of our best friends.

Then we had shore leave, when many of us went to our parents’ hotels to get wifi and to take a nap.

During this port’s shore leave, many students went shopping, to the beach, watched Flamenco dancing, learned about bull fighting, or indulged in a spa treatment or two. A few people organized trips to Seville or to Gibraltar, which belongs to the UK. Still others went to a national park, where there were wild animals and a lot of beautiful plants.

The port program was a one-day sail with our parents on the Gulden Leeuw. At 9 am, everyone came on board and we mustered with the parents. Each watch had two stations during the day in which we worked and helped with the sailing or in the galley so that the parents could see how our ship life is. A few brave family members went aloft to take a look how it is to be so high and to enjoy the unique view. 

The next day  was departure day, the day that we parted ways from our families and friends once again to set voyage upon the sea to our next destination. We had our last big breakfast on shore and gathered the last few essentials. Our curfew was 11:00am so we could help prepare the ship for departure.

Now we are back with our second family and heading off to travel the world. Overall, it was a great port.