Cartagena, Colombia

Posted on 9 February 2015 @ 11:18am

Cartagena, Colombia

It was a good day to be walking around the city. We had been split into three groups earlier today, and we talked as we walked, following our leader through the city to the meeting square. Once there, we found our tour guide, and followed her as she told us about the old city and the food culture. The food tour was unique and something so simple, yet something none of us had ever thought of doing. The concept was walking from street vendor to corner shop tasting the foods and smelling the cooking. 

We walked for about 2 solid hours, and it was beginning to get hot. Like perfect timing, our guide led us to an old lady’s home. She was a nanny that made extra cash by selling a type of Spanish popsicle right out of her living room to the kids on their way to school each morning. Each receiving one, we were let loose for shore leave and the lady went to meet the second group of Floaties. We pondered around the old town in our shore leave, passing by street vendors and trying yet more food until 4pm, when we met at a Salsa Dance Studio. The name of the program, Crazy Salsa says it all. Half of us were over the moon about dancing whilst the other half (mainly the boys) trooped up the stairs as if it where the last time they would see daylight. 

Personally, I enjoyed the salsa dancing. Although the guides spoke little English, and some people hid out on the balcony, everyone got pretty into it by the end. We where taught a series of steps, much like line dancing, then, once we had those down, where partnered up boy girl, except for 2 girls because of the boys hiding out on the balcony, and danced to some Spanish music. 

We were once again released for shore leave until curfew at 11pm, but most of us headed back early since it had been a long day. All in all, a unique and wonderful port program.