Class Afloat Faculty Member: Siobahn McLoughlin

Posted on 6 September 2018 @ 5:05pm

Class Afloat Faculty Member: Siobahn McLoughlin

Introducing the 2018-2019 Class Afloat Faculty! Meet the team who will lead this year's class as they begin an unforgettable journey.

Siobahn McLoughlin, Oceans 11, Biology 12, Sociology of Community and Acadia Marine Biology

Growing up in rural Ireland, I have always had an intrinsic love for the great outdoors. As a teenager, I was inspired by the literary works and cultural significance of W.B Yeats, and Irish landscape artists such as Paul Henry. My third level education began with a year at the Limerick school of Art & Design.

Intrigued by the brilliantly bright night sky over Ireland, I have always had a mind to consider, explore and discover, and knew that I needed to investigate my subjects on a deeper, scientific level. I commenced a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth & Ocean Sciences at the National University of Ireland, Galway, unlocking my mind and imagination to a world of discovery. My favourite module was ‘Sediments and the Biosphere’, through which geological and paleontological evidence are used to reconstruct the environments of the past, in turn serving as indicators for future climate change. I remain truly fascinated by the way in which all of the answers are there before our eyes, unlocking them is a fine art, one by which I remain a lifelong learner.

After graduation, I embraced the opportunity to travel the world; reading the landscape, telling its story and teaching fellow travellers about the secrets held within whatever landscape we were setting our sights on. At that point, I knew I was a teacher. The path to becoming a teacher came later, and as way leads on to way, I was offered a golden opportunity to study for a PGCE while teaching in the picturesque landscape of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. After 5 years, the heart’s call to travel echoed once more, and I found my feet on the pink sandy beaches of beautiful Bermuda, toes dipped in the Atlantic Ocean. As my serendipitous path continues, a week upon the Spirit of Bermuda Tall ship brought me to this magnificent opportunity to combine all of my passions, while teaching aboard the Gulden Leeuw.   

Q&A with Siobahn McLoughlin

Question: What makes you most excited about teaching/working with Class Afloat?

The opportunity to mentor young learners and future leaders as they explore the world. The thoughts of the impact this learning experience will have on them as change makers is humbling to say the least. 

Question: If you could have anyone as a dinner guest - living or deceased, who would you choose?  

Simon Sinek, with the ethos of living in a world where you wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe while there and fulfilled when you return home; Sinek has inspired me to embrace my empathy as a strength and use my leadership to help all of those around me rise. He’s a funny guy too.

Question: What is your best advice for having a great adventure? What is one of the most valuable lessons you've learned to date?

For me, these 2 questions roll into one answer. Definitely to trust the path, be grateful for the blessings and the lessons, they are leading you in the right direction. Have patience and enjoy it. Just remember to be brave, and to always be kind.