Class Afloat Instagram Top Ten: Morocco, La Palma and More!

Posted on 21 November 2018 @ 7:57pm

Class Afloat Instagram Top Ten: Morocco, La Palma and More!


Selection criteria: Photos must be taken by a Class Afloat student and must have been posted on Instagram (not necessarily taken) during the month for which they are to be considered for Top Ten. 

We will do our best to share photos from all students and to be fair, we'll try not to post more than one photo from each student (although it may happen from time to time). 

Note: This is not a serious contest. This is a way of showcasing our students' awesomeness. We thank all students for sharing their photos and would like to remind everyone that you can find all pictures shared by students by following us on Instagram.

PHOTO OF THE MONTH: @grayson_wallace_

Class Afloat, Grayson


Class Afloat, Jess

Photo credit: @jess.gibbs

Children For the Oceans, Class Afloat

"I was not expected to discover this coming to visit a surfing spot in Madeira! Here is what I collected yesterday on a beautiful beach of Madeira, hundreds of plastic items everywhere although we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean." Photo credit: @childrenfortheoceans

Thomas Lesage is a Class Afloat student and founder of the NGO, @childrenfortheoceans. He is on a worldwide sailing tour to raise awareness of kids on the protection of oceans. Follow him, his journey and his work at:

Class Afloat, Thomas S.

Photo credit: @thomas_steip

Class Afloat, Myriam

Photo credit: @mrm_bl

Class Afloat, Emma

Photo credit: @emmitravel

Class Afloat, Austin

Photo credit: @bullock.austin

Class Afloat, Claire

Photo credit: Claire D. (submitted on Claire's behalf)

Class Afloat

Class Afloat, Emile

Class Afloat, Penny

Stay tuned for December's Top Ten!