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Posted on 20 December 2016 @ 6:46pm



Ship Life - Fernando de Noronha to Natal

Posted on 13 December 2016 @ 4:09pm

Ship Life: Fernando de Noronha to Natal

Just as it is on land, onboard the Gulden Leeuw some days go by quickly, while others seem as though they have lasted years. After our previous twelve-day voyage, this two-day passage from Fernando de Noronha to Natal has been a breeze. On departure day, after saying goodbye to the beloved archipelago that we thoroughly enjoyed, we sailed from anchor, with our engine turned off. While many of us were happy to have bathed in the beaming sun during our time spent on the island, the bright star betrayed many of us. Instead of the golden skin that many were hoping for, sunburns took over. As we heaved and hauled away at lines to set our sails, we no longer looked like a crew of sailing students, but instead, we resembled an impressive troupe of well-trained lobsters. “We are chasing the sun!” stated our engineer as we sailed away from the island, moving slowly towards a magnificent sunset, one complete with a gradient of orange, blue, pink and another infinite amount of ever-changing colours. Forget about that fairy tale ending where the heroes ride off into the sunset. On Class Afloat, we sail into it.

Fernando de Noronha

Posted on 13 December 2016 @ 3:41pm

Fernando de Noronha

After 13 days at sea, the longest sail ‘til now, everybody was really happy to see land again. We saw the Brazilian flag on the mast and that was exciting, because a lot of people hadn’t been to Brazil before and it is far away for a lot of people. The first of December felt weird because for almost everybody this time of the year is usually cold. Even from the distance, Fernando seemed like it is one of the most beautiful islands ever, and it turned out that it was.

Fernando de Noronha

Posted on 9 December 2016 @ 7:22pm

Fernando De Noronha

Our time in Fernando de Noronha began with an early morning and some very bleary-eyed students.  We were woken up and as we slowly shuffled our way upstairs we could hear calls from above about an island close by. As we made our way up into the mess, the students up front began to move faster and this time no one was walking towards the bar to get breakfast. Instead we all made our way as fast as we could to the starboard railings to get the first looks at our newly-found island paradise. As we spoke, the anchor was dropped and it appeared that we had found home for a little while. Fernando stood off the starboard beam, standing to full attention and showing off everything it had to offer. Beautiful white sand beaches with clear baby blue water, sprawling trees and jungles and a single, towering, jagged mountain towering above all.