Class Afloat explores Horta, Faial, Azores

Posted on 16 April 2015 @ 6:36pm

Class Afloat explores Horta, Faial, Azores

What a busy port program! First we all went to a museum where we watched and interacted with different sorts of volcano images and volcanic rock. At the same location we were able to walk up a lighthouse to look at the oldest piece of land that was over 50 years old. It was made by a volcano that erupted underwater and came to the surface, hardened and became land. After that we drove to the beginning of our 12km hike up Faial Caldera, the volcano on the island. Although it was very foggy and hard to see down into the volcano, it cleared up every once and a while to let us see the beautiful view.  It was a great port program after being at sea for 19 days to get out and stretch our legs.

Olivia O. Alberta, Canada