How to Make Your Own Hot Tub - Class Afloat Style

Posted on 4 May 2018 @ 4:55pm

How to Make Your Own Hot Tub - Class Afloat Style

First, I just heard people running. Obviously it was Will and Easton, they were coming up to me saying they had signed me up to help with a hot tub, without asking me. I didn’t really get how they wanted to build a hot tub….. on deck…. with ocean water. We mentioned the hot tub a couple times over the next few days, but didn’t really do anything to prepare, we waited until the last minute to start it, and we had no idea what we were doing. We ended up postponing for about 3 days in a row. 

Once we had decided we were ready to start the construction, we got all the life vest boxes on the foredeck and put them in a square between the starboard gears and the sheets, with some assistance from Levi. We started by taking spare sails from the lockers but because the sails either were too small or had holes in them, it did not work and we had to find a new idea. While Easton was on watch ,Will and I looked for tarps in the forecastle. Luckily we found tarps in the anchor storage locker under the ladder.

With Levi’s help once again, we reflected on how to arrange the tarps for about thirty minutes, while the rest of the Watch was doing sail maneuvers. Once we figured out how to place the tarps, we tried many ways to make them hold water. Finally, we placed the tarp in the centre of the square of boxes and closed the box lids to keep the tarp in place.

Once we found a way that would hold the tarp, we took the fire hose out and as soon as we started filling the hot tub up, the bell rang for an announcement. It was Sophie saying that there would be a swim call. This totally messed up the idea of us having a pool on the boat while we sailed. We were really disappointed with this announcement but also very happy that we could swim for one last time before the crossing. We still filled up the hot tub and while it was filling up, people were sitting in it and having fun. Because there was a limit on the amount of people who could swim in the ocean at one time, they used the hot tub to pass the time.

Hot Tub Class Afloat

The hot tub was a success, up to the point where it was too full and the tarp started slipping out of the boxes, however we figured it out and once again, placed it back inside the boxes. At 14:00 classes started again and the psychology teacher, Amanda, thought it was a good idea to teach around the pool. No disagreements were heard and we had a splashing half of a class.

I interviewed some of the students involved in the process:

Easton: “Will came up with the idea. He even had the event up on the events’ calendar. I thought that it was a really good time. It was really fun to sit in it and the process of making it was a lot of fun. I thought it was good that people cleaned it up with us. People enjoyed coming out of the cold ocean to go into a warm hot tub.”

Will: “I had a dream, a vision I wanted to share with everyone on board. I did not expect it would work but when the boys work together, anything is possible.”

Levi: “I came because I wanted to help my boys. It was a good time, it was really warm considering we’re farther North now. I had a lot of fun.”

Emily: “For weeks prior to the making of the infamous hot tub, the boys schemed and put their heads together to try and find a way to make it work. I have to say, I was extremely skeptical; I’m not quite sure those three heads together are equal to one. To my pleasant surprise, the boys did more than succeed. For hours, smiling faces cycled through the make-shift hot tub and I have to give it to the boys.”

Alex: “When the announcement was made, I thought it was an April fools’ joke. But as the announcement was said two, then three times, I realized the boys were serious. I didn’t have any expectations as I was convinced it was going to be another bucket shower. I was amazingly surprised and impressed with how it turned out and with the incredible Jacuzzi the guys created for everybody on the main deck that day! Great success! ”

Written By: Class Afloat Student, Nicolas Questel