Life on Board - Halloween

Posted on 5 November 2016 @ 6:36pm

Life on Board - Halloween

Life Back On-board: Halloween

 October 31st - the day we left behind Agadir, Morocco and started to make our way towards Tenerife and, most importantly, our parents. It started with some provisions being brought on board and organized in the depths of forward storage. Meanwhile, up on deck, last minute repairs were made and safety nets and lines were secured so that we were ready for the next few days at sea. This took most of the morning before we were ready to leave. We were set back an hour before the Moroccan officials cleared us to leave and we finally had a much awaited return to the ocean. We hadn’t been at sea since the nineteenth of September and everybody was positively beaming with joy to be back. We all missed life out on the ocean and it felt good to be back.

One inevitable part of life is school, which is carrying on as per usual. The only thing that has changed is that we are back to 55-minute classes and we have 2 hours of day watch. We have to re-learn all the terms and procedures before our knowledge of the boat is back up to par. We have to wear our reds on departure days so the first Halloween costumes started appearing in the early afternoon. The lunch topics were all about what people should dress up as. Just before the 6 o'clock muster there was a flurry of activity in the dorms as last-minute costumes were scavenged. Some put together really creative outfits with the limited amount of objects they have in their sea chest. Take Gabby for example, who, inspired by our exciting camel ride into the Sahara desert, managed to create a spectacular camel costume. Her Moroccan scarf was used to tie a pillow to her back and she made some long eyelashes out of paper as the finishing touches. Much to our amusement a couple of students decided to imitate each other. One of them lead muster and did a really good job of getting into character, talking and gesturing in a near perfect imitation. The usual watch call was accompanied by a cheer from some enthusiastic cheerleaders. Announcements were made about classes, watch and Halloween but everyone was distracted by the costumes that surrounded them.

7 dwarfs

Here we have six of the Seven Dwarfs: Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sleepy and Happy preparing to strut their stuff and perform the song they have been working hard for years to perfect.

After a delicious dinner of pork, beef, potatoes and green beans, everyone gathered in the mess hall for a Halloween fashion show that was organized by our events coordinator, Caroline. One by one people got up and showed off their handy work. The first participants to go were the cheerleaders who performed a short routine. Next there was a shark, a banana, Deadpool, Wario (complete with moustache), and a zombie. The cook and cook’s mate confused us all by dressing up as the other and nobody could tell them apart. Even Santa Claus and his sidekick the Christmas tree showed up. He told us that we were all being good “Floaties” and gave us a couple of presents from the magic bottom of the sea bag he borrowed from one of the students, as he forgot his usual red bag. The Seven Dwarfs sang a tuneful version of "It's off to work we go".  Drew the tiger shark surprised us with a bag of candy so that we could "trick-or-treat" which made us a very happy group of teenagers.  Next on the schedule was a super spooky horror movie.  As the projector was set up, a couple of movies were proposed to the group.  "The Conjuring 2" won the vote and those who were brave enough stayed behind to watch.


These lovely ladies are the CAF cheerleaders. They performed their cheer and did a superb job of opening an exciting Halloween night on the Gulden Leeuw.

As a wonderful evening drew to a close, sea life and our responsibilities started to take precedence again. The first night watch went up to the bridge deck for the proceeding two hours. Some sat down to work on homework for the next day’s classes while other tired souls slowly started disappearing down to the dorms to catch a little bit of sleep before, they too, had to go on watch. Halloween on the Gulden Leeuw was definitely a success and we look forward to the next exciting event that we can experience in this wonderful community.

- written by Elizabeth, an English 12 student