Mallorca: A Day at the Beach

Posted on 2 November 2018 @ 3:32pm

Mallorca: A Day at the Beach

We arrived in Mallorca, refreshed after only a short sail from Porto. I was on watch to raise the anchor and for arrival in port. I was the jumper which meant my job was to go ashore when we arrived in port. We showed great teamwork as Ellie, Alex and Joe rushed to throw over the dock lines to me on port side with Crew directing. We were soon secured quay side and all of us on watch collapsed in exhaustion from the weight of the ropes and the heat of Mallorca. Others were finishing the last classes of the day, eager to explore the surprise port as I rushed off to English and then Chemistry. 

The next morning after cleaning stations, in groups of 4, we left in search for a beach. We found one on our map and set off on the 15 minute walk singing along to music from Emile’s speaker. We stopped at Mercadona, a supermarket, to buy food to eat at the beach. With our frequency of needing to go to a supermarket at ports you begin to value the discovery of a good one. Everyone bought a variety of fruits, vegetables, chips and drinks for our picnic, everything we’d been thinking about since last port.

Mallorca, Class Afloat

Bound for the beach. Walking along one of the main roads to the beach where we spent the majority of the day (l-r Eli, Penelope, Charlie, Eloise).

The shallow water at the beach was beautiful and clear. The sun was not yet out from behind the cliffs on the left side of the beach, making it cool as we set up our towels. The water was so shallow that you could walk around 10m out before it deepened. As we walked out we admired the fish circling around our feet and at the birds flying over. Once the sun was high in the sky and we had spread out our towels to soak up the sun, the boys had found an equipment hire stand at the end of the beach. They said that there was a paddle board to hire that could easily fit 12 people.

Needless to say the next 2 hours were very fun using the GIANT paddle board as a pontoon to come back to as we swam in the clear waters of Mallorca. A few hours later it was starting to get cold so we packed up our towels making sure to clear up all the rubbish. Especially the plastic, Rose and Joe have been organizing beach cleanups at port giving awareness to all of us about the effects of our waste. 

We got to a restaurant just as it was getting dark, sun kissed and salty from our day at the beach. Dinner was delicious and there was a sense of calm between all of us before a conversations started about what snacks we are going to get at the supermarket the next day. We also talked about wanting longer travels between ports as our last and next two are only a few days in length.

We got back to the Gulden Leeuw hours before curfew and were very happy to shower and relax back at the boat glowing with such a happy day behind us. Mallorca has been gorgeous.

Written by: Class Afloat student, Rachel A.