Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Posted on 18 February 2015 @ 9:41am

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

As we tendered off the ship on the morning of the 16th we were all very excited to get to the white water rafting site. We were all very anxious as soon as we saw the rivers after an hour bus ride. We immediately split up into 11 different rafts and got out in the rapids. Each raft had a guide and six crew members. It was incredible to be rushing down the streams that tossed us around the blue 8-foot inflatable craft.

When we got to calmer waters our guide told us that we could pull people overboard from other rafts. And of course being a teenager I was pretty pumped to do so. Dylan and myself started yanking people out from other rafts, and of course we started a war. However, our best catch of the day was pulling off Captain Robert from his raft. Although he grabbed Sean on his way down, we thought it was well worth it to have taken down the general and lost a soldier.

We ended up spending the night at a very unique hostel, Rocking J’s. All of us spent the night sleeping in hammocks that were hung up in a sheltered structure one next to another. The coolest part of the hostel was that it was in a small town called Puerto Viejo. The city was filled with backpackers that are travelling throughout Central America. We all spent a fair amount of time socializing with different travellers. I think I even met a math teacher from Australia who was fascinated by the idea of Class Afloat and might even want to teach aboard next year. This was definitely one of the top port programs we have had this year, right up next to our excursion in Suriname. It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.