Posted on 17 October 2016 @ 6:48pm


Several days ago we awoke to a majestic double rainbow all the way across the sky. We have gone canyoning, hiking, and have explored some of the cities of southern Spain such as Seville and La Ronda. La Ronda has a huge bridge in the middle of the place that connects the two parts of the town (they are separated by a cliff). It’s called the “Holy S**t Bridge” because when you walk over it you, it’s so beautiful that it makes you want to yell “Holy S**t”! While in La Ronda I went to McDonalds 3 times. In Seville we went to very nice dinner show and got to see some really impressive Spanish dancing. We are staying in a nice hostel in the mountains of southern Spain, and from the front door you can see for miles. Right in front of us each day is a landscape made up of mountains and tiny villages that are more than 4000 years old.

Our day starts at 7:30 with breakfast. and then classes, lunch at 12:30, then more class, and finally dinner at 18:00 The rest of the night is spent doing homework and socializing. The first week was very warm and sunny, but the past 4 days have been a little cold; not too cold, but cold enough to wear a nice sweater.

On October 15th we had a student council Prime Minister debate. The candidates were Bram, Svea, Sam, Layli, and Klaus. The day after we had a student vote and Klaus ended up winning the role of Prime Minister. We will be holding further elections soon to figure out the rest of the student council members.

After school there have been various activities, such as soccer, hiking, and trips into the small village at the bottom of the mountain, La Muela, I haven't been yet but am excited to go.

I have taken it upon myself to start a cheese club. Every other Sunday we have official cheese club meetings, but we also have casual cheese gatherings. We plan to try all kinds of cheese from all over the world. There are other clubs, but all fail in comparison to the cheese club (in my opinion)!

Double rainbow
This is what we awoke to several days ago: a beautiful pink sky with an amazing double rainbow shining through it. This is the view from the front door of the hostel.


hostel dog1
This is Hera. She's huge and she is one of two dogs that we share the hostel with. The dogs are not allowed in the hostel so they sleep outside. You can hear them bark through the night, protecting us from goats, sheep, and other dangerous creatures.


3rd place

This was my team’s prize from the Paella cook off. We got 3rd place! There were only three teams. Our dish was called Spanish Fried Plants, named by me of course.


Group Shot

This picture is from our Thanksgiving Dinner. This picture is of all the boys. 


There is a very large colony of vultures that live on the mountain behind the hostel. If you look up you can always see something flying, be it a vulture or hang-glider or paraglider. We won’t be able to go hang-gliding or paragliding, but there are lots of other things we can do – like star gazing and bird watching!  

That’s about everything going on here in Southern Spain for Class Afloat. The weather’s nice, people nicer, and the food is amazing. 

We leave to go back to the boat on October 19th, everyone is excited to go back to the Gulden Leeuw. We will have to get used to our boatswain Grant taking all of our stuff again when we leave it out, taking one-minute showers, being woken up at 5:00 am or 0500 for galley duty, and coiling ropes. 

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

- written by Andrew, English 11 student