The Beauties of Dominica

Posted on 3 April 2019 @ 5:01pm

The Beauties of Dominica

Once more, my adventure is full of paradise. The last port we visited was Dominica. Even after being hit by hurricane Maria, Dominica is still one of the most beautiful places in the world. I only spent 3 days on the island and I feel that I did a lot during this time because there was so much to do there. 

We first arrived in Portsmouth bay. I noticed that there were no tourists and almost only local peoples and there were not a lot of buildings. Some of the trees on the mountains were destroyed on the top but the island was still all green. Of course these were the visible effects of the hurricane. We were still excited to go to shore to find out the story of this island.

The adventure in Dominica really began when we had shore leave. I spent my first day with Lukas, Enric, and Jonah. We had no plans but we were ready to discover incredible things. Without expectations, we walked down the main street. People in the town where really sociable and happy. After a while, we asked one of the locals what would be fun or interesting to do on the island. Without hesitation, he told us to go see the water falls. So we took a taxi and asked the driver to bring us to the closest water fall which was one hour away from where we were.

I never had a road trip that went by that fast. The road to get to our destination was following the coast, which gave us an unforgettable view of the ocean. The blue of the ocean and the green of the trees brought me happiness and a feeling of freedom. This picture describes everything.

Class Afloat Dominica 2

 After the road, we walked for a good ten minutes to finally arrive at a river that we followed.   We were feeling connected to the nature by walking barefoot in the water. We were completely alone until we crossed a gentle local in the forest. He was actually living there. It’s crazy how people can live with nothing. We started a conversation with him about Hurricane Maria, which was really interesting until he pulled-out a huge snake from nowhere. I thought there was no snakes on volcanic islands but I was completely wrong. It was a brown boa constructor, the kind of snake that can eat a man when it reaches its adult size. The local told us that he was going to keep it, and make some oil with it to help body articulations (joints).

After our conversation with the man, I was a little bit more careful in the forest. Snakes are probably my deepest fear. After all of this, we finally arrived at the water fall. When we saw it, we were all exited. We ran to it, took off our t-shits and just jumped in the water. God it was cold. But the sensation of being connected to nature like that was incredible. The water fall was at least 100 feet tall. When we were swimming under it, we felt all the pressure on our head, which almost hurt. We spent the entire day there, just to enjoy the calm of nature. 

Class Afloat Dominica 3

The second day was even better. It was definitely my favourite day since the beginning of second semester. We just followed the port program, which is really cool because I have nothing to plan on those days. The only thing you needed to do was follow the group and enjoy every moment. We went to the mountains to swim where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It was a gorge between two rocks no larger than one to two meters and five to six meters tall. It was filled with water so we swam through it. I really felt like Jack Sparrow during this adventure. After that, we went to another water fall. I would have gone to all the water sources on the island if I had had enough time. But this one was something else. It was bigger than the two previous one and there were a few spots to jump from the rocks. And if you know me, then you now that I will jump off of everything, just for a moment of adrenaline. 

My experience in Dominica was all about swimming and jumping in all the possible water falls that I found. The feeling of being connected to the nature like that is unforgettable. 

I can compare my experience in Dominica to a dream, a dream where everything is perfect and in harmony with Mother Nature. 

Written by Class Afloat student, Emile L.