Leaders In Experiential Education


Meet David Jones

David Jones


Before joining Class Afloat in July 2011, David served 15 years as Director General of the World Youth, Student & Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation and ISTC, based in Amsterdam. Representing 550 student and youth travel companies in 120 countries, the membership provided international experiences to more than 10 million young independent travellers each year: study abroad, backpackers, volunteers, adventure travel, language education, cultural exchange, au pair, work abroad, student flights and the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), as well as hosted WYSTC, an annual conference for up to 1,000 specialist youth travel professionals.

He started his life-long career in student services when elected President of the student union at the University of Toronto. After graduation and a year spent travelling around the world, he became Executive Director of The Canadian Federation of Student – Services, operating student service programs including: Travel CUTS, a specialist student travel bureau that grew into a $100 million operation with 70 offices serving 500,000 young Canadian travellers each year; Canadian Programming Service – a national speakers bureau; The Student Work Abroad Programme; The National Student Health Plan.

David has held many positions on travel industry bodies, including:

  • Vice President, UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Affiliate Members Board
  • Board member, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
  • Chairperson, European Travel Action Group (ETAG)
  • Member, the UNWTO Committee on Sustainable Development of Tourism

Meet Megan MacLeod

Megan Macleod

Head of School

Class Afloat is pleased to announce the appointment of Megan MacLeod as our new Head of School. Megan will oversee the delivery of our academic curriculum, port programming, community and sail training aspects of the Class Afloat program.

Megan comes to the Head of School position with many years of Class Afloat experience and a deep understanding of the program potential from a faculty and ship life perspective. She taught sciences as a Class Afloat faculty member from 2010 – 2014 and was appointed Shipboard Director in her last year aboard. While teaching on land over the last two years she has furthered her professional interests in leadership studies and curriculum development while continuing to serve as an Academic Advisor to Class Afloat. She brings a global perspective to the program from her teaching experiences in China and Australia.

Driven by a passion to engage young people in activities that allow them to develop their leadership skills and full potential as global citizens, Megan believes that sailing the world on a traditional tall ship will allow our students to gain the life skills required for success in 2016 and into the future.

When not pursuing her pedagogic passions, Megan has trained, coached and competed as a sprint kayak racing athlete. We know that she will bring the same energy, focus and success to her new role as Head of School that she has brought to the hundreds of

Meet Arden Jobling-Hey

Arden Jobling Hey

Director of Admissions

Arden joined Class Afloat in 2017 as Director of Admissions. An avid traveler and writer, Arden is passionate about encouraging youth to step outside their comfort zone and into the world of experiential learning.

True to Class Afloat’s mission of broadening horizons, Arden has spent time studying, volunteering and working abroad in Tanzania, France, Germany and the UK. She holds a BSocSc in International Globalization and Development from the University of Ottawa and an MA in International Communications and Development from City University, London.

Questions about Class Afloat? You can reach Arden at ajoblinghey@classafloat.com

Meet Paul Lawton

Shipboard Director

Shipboard Director

Paul is both a veteran teacher, as well as an avid sailor and sail trainer. He has worked at both conventional schools as well as those having a stronger focus on outdoor education and alternative methods such as Steiner schools.

A Canadian and British citizen, Paul currently resides in Exeter where he runs a shore based navigation school and a high school tutoring program, with a particular focus for students that “don’t get maths”. In addition to the shore based sailing instruction that Paul offers, he has also worked with Trinity Sailing Trust, a UK sail training charity, is a professional skipper, and all-round ocean and life enthusiast.

Paul was drawn to the Class Afloat because it combines his passions –  education, the ocean, and sail training – into one brave and bold program. Paul brings excellent interpersonal skills, energy and a strong focus on team and community building.

Meet Bronwen Livingston

Bronwen Livingston

Operations Director

Bronwen brings a varied tool belt of skills to the role of Operations Director for Class Afloat.

After taking time off after high school to live and work in Europe, she chose to study Anthropology and Environmental Studies at McGill. She wanted to further understand her interest in different cultures- how our cultures, languages, and histories can influence our interaction with one another and the environment, and inversely how our environment can play a role in the development of our cultures. How do we identify ourselves? How do we try to understand and define the world around us? Her studies gave her the glasses with which she still uses to view the world.

Since graduating University her love of the world, culture, and environment – the importance and strength of our diversity, the similarities that tie us together – has only grown. She has lived in over 6 US States (and traveled to over 45), 2 provinces and a Territory in Canada (and has visited most), and she has traveled to over 40 countries and overseas departments.

Her brother introduced her to sailing over 12 years ago, and that changed her depth of understanding of the world.

She was a Deckhand and then Purser on the Sail Training Vessel Picton Castle, and she has sailed ¾ of the way around the world. The ship, at first out of necessity and then later out of the bond of shared experience, teaches the crew to take care of one another (their neighbour, their fellow wo(man)), and their environment (the ship, their home, and the oceans upon which she sails). Her job mainly included clearing in and out of countless ports, supporting crew, book keeping, communications between ship and shore, supporting acquisitions of provisions and supplies, and hosting Chiefs, delegates, community members. She loves the intimacy of sailing into port. The ship is one of the best teaches she has known.

After that year onboard she went onto to a couple of careers, building her experience, and giving into her inherent curiosity. She spent five years in the Northwest Territories, in the Canadian Subarctic. She worked as the Arts Coordinator with the Government of the Northwest Territories, supporting Traditional and Contemporary Artists. That role expanded and she started working with Traditional Economy on sustainable trapping, and fur sales, foraging, agriculture, and fisheries projects. And a Snow Castle. She worked for a Community Festival in a Snow Castle. She saw community resilience, creativity and innovation, culture and language revitalization movements. She observed powerful full circles.

A curious job offer took her to Seattle, where she worked as an Intelligence Manager for a Global Risk and Security Company for a couple of years. Her area of responsibility was CANAM/EMEA, and she directly managed 13 specialists across the USA and Europe.

In early spring 2018, Bronwen was offered the opportunity to return to Nova Scotia, and return to the world of Tall Ships.

She is thrilled to be the Operations Director for Class Afloat, and to support, from shore this time, an experience like no other, for a new generation of mariner and student.

She also works with the STV Picton Castle, and is the Coordinator of a Maritime Charity dedicated to supporting young mariners get the education they need to start a career in the Maritime world.

She is excited to create and support connections and cooperation between organizations, and people.

When she is not working she enjoys writing of all kinds (occasionally even song writing), dinners with good friends, hiking, swimming, laughing, sailing, studying alternative/eco-building and permaculture, reading, and caring for all of the animals in her life.