Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Class Afloat believes that education is the foundation for change that allows us to  live community values of respect, inclusion  and tolerance. 

Class Afloat students, faculty, mariners and school officials live these values every day – in our community and in our interactions with the people and places we visit. To this end:

We will create an environment of personal growth where all community members are respected and valued for the unique perspective, experiences and diversity that they bring to our community.

We will value the visible and invisible qualities that make people who they are.

We will welcome and respect everyone, irrespective of gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or other characteristics that we value for the diversity, spirit and strength this adds to our community. 

We recognize that it is not enough to be “not racist,” and our commitment to anti-racism means we are building a community that is actively fighting against institutionalized systems of oppression to drive values of equity and inclusion that celebrate our diversity – in our school and in the world around us. 

We commit to a program of scholarship support to facilitate the participation of IBPOC crew members.

We commit to reducing economic barriers to participation in Class Afloat through scholarship support.

We commit to hearing the voices of those within our organization who have experienced or witnessed discrimination  and taking measures to ensure that every crew member feels welcomed and valued in the time leading up to, during and following their time at sea with Class Afloat.

These goals and values will be evaluated, updated and revised to meet the ever-evolving needs of our community and school.