Spend a Gap Year At Sea

Spend a Gap Year at sea exploring new cultures, volunteering overseas, earning academic credits and making friends from around the world.

Gap years are growing in popularity, gaining the support of educators, guidance counsellors and families who recognize that a productive year spent acquiring real life experience puts students at a true advantage in years to come.

Whether you are eager to grow as an individual, earn credits in a non-traditional classroom, travel the world or give back in a meaningful way, Class Afloat gap year programs allow young people to unleash their true potential as young leaders and true global citizens.

Our mission is to provide the foundation for a lifetime journey of discovery and success. This exceptional gap year program provides young people with the opportunity to develop as individuals, excel as global citizens and forge lifelong friendships as they explore the world. It is unparalleled and the experience of a lifetime.

Learn the skills required of a 21st century education. What to Expect from Your Gap Year at Sea

Class Afloat Academics

Academics Spark a passion for learning.

Choose to study subjects you’re passionate about and be inspired during your semester or year long journey at sea. Class Afloat gap year students can take courses for credit, however, whether for credit or personal interest. Gap year students are asked to take two academic courses per semester and can choose from a wide variety of courses either at a high school or university level.

Students may choose to re-take grade 12 courses accredited by the Nova Scotia Ministry of Education or get an early start on their post-secondary studies by taking 1st year university courses accredited by our partner Acadia University.

Class Afloat students doing a beach clean-up, during one of their volunteering efforts.

Volunteer Work Give back in a meaningful way.

Giving back is built into the Class Afloat ethos. It is, quite simply, engrained in who we are. Since our inception, we have made it a priority to find ways in which to leave every port of call better off than we found it.

From student-led beach clean-ups to formal sustainable volunteer projects led by local NGOs in both Senegal and Dominican Republic, our students are tasked each day with finding ways to creating positive change, both at home, as part of their ship community and around the world.

Class Afloat, Personal Growth

Personal Growth Set your own course.

A gap year at sea offers our students an opportunity to learn more about themselves and the world around them while planning what comes next.

Some of our gap year students have just finished high school and plan to apply for post-secondary studies, others are looking to enter the workplace following their time at sea. A gap year with Class Afloat helps them grow into independent, capable individuals ready for whatever the future has in store.

10 Reasons to Spend a Gap Year with Class Afloat

1. Spend a Gap Year at Sea

Sail to exotic ports of call aboard a majestic tall ship.

2. Academic Credits

Earn high school or 1st year university credits during your semester or year at sea.

3. Culture

Explore new places and engage with people from around the world.

4. Find your People

Forge lifelong friendships with 59 other students.

5. Push Your Boundaries

Develop leadership skills, self-confidence and an appreciation for your role as a global citizen.

6. Volunteer

Participate in a home stay and volunteer service project in Dominican Republic and Senegal.

7. Learn to Sail

Take the helm of a 65m (213ft) tall ship. Stand day watch and night watch alongside our professional maritime crew.

8. Academic Courses

Choose from a list of high school and university courses that spark your interest and motivate you to learn.

9. Skill Building

Strengthen your university applications with quality academics and leadership skills.

10. Experiential Education

Enjoy a 21st century international education experience.

Why Spend Your Gap Year With Class Afloat?

Global citizens
Class Afloat changed my entire life! It redefined my perception of what’s possible. It introduced me to the world, making me feel like a true global citizen and showing me different ways of life. But, most importantly, it taught me to be part of a crew and connected me with life-long friends.
Amy Taylor, Alumni Student, 1999-2000, SPAIN(1/3)
Renee Martyna
Maybe the most seminal experience of my life.... Class Afloat was the point at which there is now a ‘before’ and ‘after’. Inspired me toward a career with the UN and now, a passion project working with global knowmads. Grateful to my fellow floaties!
Renee Martyna, Class Afloat Alumni(2/3)
Port program
The biggest take away from Class Afloat was learning how to work with and lead people in almost any situation. Furling sails in a storm, 2-4am watches and full days in the galley, working with the same people day in and day out you learn a lot about those people - and yourself.
Student Survey, 2017-2018(3/3)

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