Our Faculty

Assisting our students to pursue their goals is our passion.

All our faculty bring a global perspective to the courses they teach and look for opportunities to integrate experiential education with class work wherever possible. Class Afloat exclusively hires teachers who are driven by a passion to engage young people in activities that allow them to develop their leadership skills and full potential as global citizens. Our teachers lead small classes that are tailored to meet the learning needs of each student.

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Meet Fabrice Barbier

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Teaches: Math 12, Physics 11, Pre-calculus 11, Physics 12 & Acadia (Micro/Macro) Economics

For the past 11 years, Fabrice has lived in the U.S.A and in Belgium where he taught mathematics, chemistry and physics at the École internationale Montgomery and Bâton Rouge International School. During that time, Fabrice also worked as a Care Assistant at the Cope Foundation, Life Centre, College Grinds Cork and Cogan International College in Cork City, Ireland. His interests and skills however, are not limited to mathematics and natural sciences but extend to philosophy, sociology, history and music.

Over the past few years, Fabrice was involved in various alternative and/or cross-disciplinary educational projects aimed at providing the students with a wider view of knowledge and studies in general. These projects also gave students an opportunity to reflect about themselves and their own personal experience, and to help them acquire the life skills they need to live successful and happy lives.

Fabrice draws inspiration from the progressive educational movement and is committed to using a non-frontal and non-directive approach to help his students become more autonomous and responsible as students and individuals.

Meet Doris LaChance

Doris Lachance

Teaches: Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12 & Pre-calculus 12, Calculus 12

I’m Doris LaChance. I’m a prairie girl, born and raised on a grain farm in Northern Alberta. Last year I took part in the Class Afloat adventure and found that I was able to easily adapt to the ship life. Apart from the constant motion and the lack of level surfaces, living on the Gulden Leeuw is very similar to farm life; If you look around there’s always more work to be done, and you have to be self sufficient to an extent.

Previously I’ve also worked for in secondary schools, mostly in french, all in Alberta, teaching mostly science and math and other courses. I’ve even worked for a week at a wilderness summer camp where we let the kids play with fire! Outside of schools I have many interests. I knit, read, bake, play the piano and flute, hunt, snowshoe and ski in the winter, bike and swim in the summer. Of course I spend most of my free time on the farm, helping my mom in the garden or my dad with odd jobs. I have six nephews which I adore, and whom I get all riled up and then send back to their parents with a smile.

Meet Kylee Weir

Kylee Weir, Class Afloat Faculty

Teaches: Oceans 11, Math 11 and Acadia Geology, Acadia Sociology & Acadia Communications

Meet Pascale Dumond Blais

Pascal Dumond Blais, Class Afloat Faculty

Teaches: French 11/12, Visual Arts 11, and Acadia Leadership in Community Development, Anthropology 12, Canadian History 11, Global Geography 12

I’m Pascale Dumond-Blais and I’m a Franco-Ontarian from Ottawa. As a student, I was lucky to work in the field of education in schools and museums including the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum; where I still work on occasion. It made deciding to further my career in education easy after completing my bachelor degree in History and Anthropology. For the past 5 years, I’ve been working for a french speaking school board in Ottawa. When not working, I’m drawing, painting, reading or enjoying the outdoors with friends, family and my dog Blue.

I’m looking forward to joining the Class Afloat community and exploring new possibilities in experiential education and creativity. The sunsets and starry night skies won’t be too bad either!

Meet Anna Vasilevski

Anna Vasilevski

Teaches: English 11, English 12 and Sociology of Community

Meet Paul Lawton

Shipboard Director

Shipboard Director | Teaches: Oceans 11

Meet Jemilla Khan

Jemilla Khan

Teaches: Acadia Psychology, Psychology 12, Biology 12

What Students Say

Student on Bowsprit
Meeting so many different people on the ship has opened my eyes up to so many new possibilities. People say nothing is impossible and this program has shown me that. The people here are super inspiring. They do things that are so different from what I’ve seen at home. They inspire me to go do something different with my life and make a change in the world.
Caroline Anber, Class Afloat Alumni(1/3)
Student on tall ship
When I spent time with the kids and asked them what it was about, they said “acceptance”. There’s no judgement, they all accept each other, and I think that’s such a beautiful lesson to get at such a young age. Those kids have had to work hard and to learn grit. I heard her say how much she loved the challenge. If your kid wants to go, make it happen!
Elana Rosenfield, Class Afloat Parent(2/3)
Port program
The biggest take away from Class Afloat was learning how to work with and lead people in almost any situation. Furling sails in a storm, 2-4am watches and full days in the galley, working with the same people day in and day out you learn a lot about those people - and yourself.
Student Survey, 2017-2018(3/3)