Ship Safety

Every activity starts with safety.  Students are trained on safety procedures that are practiced and refreshed in regular safety drills.

Safety certification:

Operating under SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea), the highest international standard for marine safety.


Launched in 2011, the ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II was built with the most modern systems for safety management, ship maintenance, nautical support, communications, weather monitoring, fire and smoke detection systems.

Safety Management:

Safety on board is regulated and controlled by an International Safety Management System (ISM). The ISM outlines onboard safety requirements. The crew is trained on the IMS in terms of safety procedures, routines and response plans.

Ship Maintenance:

Ship maintenance is managed by a computerized onboard maintenance system that sets out requirements for maintenance of all ship systems and parts, providing a program of daily system checks and routines that the crew follow and monitoring compliance with all required safety checks on systems.

State inspection requirements:

The ship follows all reporting requirements of the German nautical authorities and is subject to a regime of scheduled ‘state flag’ authority inspections to ensure the safety and security of the vessel.

Weather forecasting:

Monitoring winds, sea state and forecasting changes in weather systems is built into the daily routines for each watch. Storm systems are avoided. The average daily run is set at approx. 100mn/day, allowing time to slow down, reroute and take any necessary measures to avoid adverse weather systems.