Take The Helm

Feel the thrill of a 500-ton vessel carving through the ocean as you travel the world.

Class Afloat’s sail training program aboard the Gulden Leeuw engages students in every aspect of tall ship sailing, from voyage planning to setting a course, organizing watch duties, setting the sails, steering the ship and starting and monitoring the engines.

No sailing experience is required to enrol as a Class Afloat student.

The goal of our sail training program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to take full command of the ship under the watchful eye of our captain and professional crew. There is a student at the helm at all times when we are at sea. Students perform duty on deck for 2 hours of day watch and 2 hours of night watch each day.

Vessel Gulden Leeuw 12

Sail Training

Sail Training

Sail Training

  • Take the helm and feel the thrill of a 500-ton vessel carving through the ocean at 12knots as you sail your tall ship over 18,000 nautical miles (over 35,000km)
  • Lay aloft and set the sails to travel with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Work alongside professional sailors as you learn to sail your tall ship
  • Work as part of a team by setting sails, navigating and working in the galley. Keep day and night watch alongside a professional mariner crew
  • Learn contemporary navigation skills
  • Undertake a blue water sailing experience most sailors will never experience
Golden Leuw

The Gulden Leeuw

The Gulden Leeuw (Golden Lion) is a three-masted topsail schooner.

YEAR BUILT: 1937, fully restored and relaunched in 2010

STATE FLAG: The Netherlands

OVERALL LENGTH: 70 Mtr. (230 ft)

HEIGHT: 40 Mtr. (131 ft)


Sail Training Organization of the Year

Awarded by Sail Training International, Gulden Leeuw was the sail training organisation that demonstrated excellence in ‘innovation’ and ‘best practice’ in sail training for young people.