Class Afloat takes place aboard the ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II, a German flag registered Class ‘A’ sail training tall ship

Built in 2011, the ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II (ALEX-2) offers students a classic ‘Barque’ sailing ship experience with modern amenities and safety systems.

Over the course of the journey, students acquire the skills necessary to sail the ship under the guidance of the Captain and our professional mariner crew.

The ship has dedicated classrooms; large deck space where students can gather outdoors for social activities, meetings and group projects;  four bunk cabins each with head (toilet), sink and shower and a fully equipped galley (kitchen) and large dining area.

Alexander von Humboldt II

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Ship History


The original ship ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT I is built and named after the famous German explorer Alexander von Humboldt.


The ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT II is built in Bremerhaven Germany as a replica of the original ship.

The Legacy

Alexander von Humboldt was born in Berlin 1769 and became a world famous explorer and scientist. Charles Darwin: "he was the greatest travelling scientist that ever lived"

The first environmentalist

Alexander von Humboldt is credited for theories about the interconnected natural ecosystem and the need for conservation of the environment.

Sail Training

ALEX-2 was built and is operated by the German Sail Training Foundation (DSST) ALEX-2 to carry on the legacy of exploration, learning and adventure, and to fulfil its mission of offering sail training experiences as a personal develop experience for young people.