Bring Your Classroom To the World

Class Afloat is experiential education at its very best.

Whether on land, at sea, or exploring a port of call, learning is always hands-on.

Learn Art History in Europe or study Marine Biology while sailing the Mediterranean. Whatever your course of study, your itinerary will be unforgettable. Classroom learning is enriched through port programs and shipboard activities carefully designed to engage students and bring the curriculum to life.

Immerse yourself in new cultures on land and at ports of call on when sailing your majestic tall ship. Take part in land based exploration and port programs that include historic and cultural excursions, participate in home stay and volunteer service projects. Engage in sensible, sensitive and sustainable practices, understand your role as a global citizen. Acquire a 21st century international education experience.


Discover the World with Class Afloat

1. Port visits

Our port visits vary depending on the location, but on average the ship stops in each port for 3-5 days. In addition to organized programs, students are granted free time while in port to explore new surroundings, engage with local culture and activities from volunteering with a local animal shelter to shopping, surfing, snorkelling and sampling local cuisine.

2. Awesome Itineraries

Students explore historic sites, attend cultural events, visit scientific institutions and explore unique and awe-inspiring landscapes.

3. Port visits that are tied to our curriculum

Port visits are filled with unique and life-changing activities. Where possible, our Head of School will align port programs with relevant curriculum.
Badge Discover

Your Self

  • Develop your strengths
  • Define your goals
  • Consider your weaknesses
  • Set your moral compass
  • Pursue your passions
  • Make a difference – to your life and the world around you
  • Push your boundaries

Your Community

  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Explore group values
  • Embrace environmentally sustainable behaviour
  • Join a community of 60 students from around the world
  • Sail and learn with an international community

Your World

  • Take a role on the world stage
  • Define your place as an active global citizen
  • Explore diverse cultures and values
  • Examine social justice issues
  • Engage in political debate
  • Empower others to effect positive change

Latest from the Travel Journal

Russia was my Favourite Port

It’s actually incredible to think that Class Afloat was able to go to Russia. Many students were looking forward to that port. Let me explain to you how the customs in Russia were as they looked very Russian. You have…Read More

From Russia to Estonia

As we slowly motored out of the port of St. Petersburg, we passed by hundreds of huge housing blocks where hundred of thousands of people lived squished together. Block after block after block, every building looked the same; grey, ugly…Read More

Once Upon a Time in Poland…

Something really cute happened whilst we were in Poland. I will always remember Easter in Poland. We had a ship wide easter egg hunt that morning. Lots of chocolates for everyone, thanks to Joe’s mother. It made us feel a…Read More

Why you should travel the world with Class Afloat

Student on Bowsprit
Meeting so many different people on the ship has opened my eyes up to so many new possibilities. People say nothing is impossible and this program has shown me that. The people here are super inspiring. They do things that are so different from what I’ve seen at home. They inspire me to go do something different with my life and make a change in the world.
Caroline Anber, Class Afloat Alumni(1/3)
Student on tall ship
When I spent time with the kids and asked them what it was about, they said “acceptance”. There’s no judgement, they all accept each other, and I think that’s such a beautiful lesson to get at such a young age. Those kids have had to work hard and to learn grit. I heard her say how much she loved the challenge. If your kid wants to go, make it happen!
Elana Rosenfield, Class Afloat Parent(2/3)
Port program
The biggest take away from Class Afloat was learning how to work with and lead people in almost any situation. Furling sails in a storm, 2-4am watches and full days in the galley, working with the same people day in and day out you learn a lot about those people - and yourself.
Student Survey, 2017-2018(3/3)