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What our Alumni Say

Class Afloat, Gap Year at Sea
My experience was mainly characterized by encounters that widened my views on the world. It was also filled with challenges that strengthened my capacity to face adversity, starting with small discomfort to home sickness. It was a year that allowed me to discover myself and what I want to become.
Margaux , Class Afloat Student 2018-2019(1/5)
Port program
The biggest take away from Class Afloat was learning how to work with and lead people in almost any situation. Furling sails in a storm, 2-4am watches and full days in the galley, working with the same people day in and day out you learn a lot about those people - and yourself.
Student Survey, 2017-2018(2/5)
Renee Martyna
Maybe the most seminal experience of my life.... Class Afloat was the point at which there is now a ‘before’ and ‘after’. Inspired me toward a career with the UN and now, a passion project working with global knowmads. Grateful to my fellow floaties!
Renee Martyna, Class Afloat Alumni(3/5)
Gap Year, Students Sailing
For me Class Afloat was the start of my adult life. I now feel confident I can do anything and everything I put my mind to. If you are thinking about doing Class Afloat, do it for the life long friends, the travel and most importantly to discover who you are.
Ryan, Class Afloat Student 2018-2019(4/5)
Students on deck
Although Class Afloat is largely about travel, adventure and discovery of yourself and the world around you, that wasn’t what impacted me the most. It was the family we built on board that really touched me.
Claire, Class Afloat Student 2018-2019(5/5)

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