Make a Difference

Define your place as an active global citizen.

In 1984, under the banner of International Youth Year, the United Nations invited schools and agencies worldwide to interpret the themes of “Peace, Participation, Development”. 

In response to that call and with a commitment to those themes, Class Afloat – West Island College International was formed.

Be the Change You Want to See Join a local community of volunteers

Class Afloat students volunteering

Volunteer Projects

Class Afloat students participate in one official voluntary service-learning project per semester. Operating in a way that complements humanitarian and volunteer efforts already in place, we work closely with long-standing NGO partners on the ground to ensure our work has a positive, sustainable impact. 

Class Afloat students doing a beach clean-up, during one of their volunteering efforts.

Student-Led Projects

Beyond organized volunteer efforts, our students often step in with incredible ideas of their own. From student-led beach cleanups to groups looking to get involved with wildlife protection, if you’re passionate about a cause, there’s a way to make it part of your journey with Class Afloat.

Personal Development

Home Stays

During each volunteer service-learning project, students stay in groups with a local host family. Learning the daily routines of the family, they will enjoy local cuisine, contribute as needed and have the opportunity to form connections that surmount cultural and linguistic barriers.

Sea Turtle

Conservation Work

Conservation work in the form of environmental protection is part of our ethos. With great respect for the sea and nature’s beauty, we are driven by a desire to leave each port better off for having us visit. From working with local non-profits cleaning up London’s canals to working with conservation teams in Ascension to help baby sea turtles find their way home, Class Afloat will always try to lend a hand where help is needed most.