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The Life of a Sailor

A captivating blog post from 2021-2022 student-Connor Teskey A sailor lives an extraordinary life, flirting with danger, utilizing it to their advantage to travel to their desired location. A sailor chooses a home isolated from the rest of the world,…Read More

Alumni in the Spotlight
Student Alumni in the Spotlight: Jillian Amatt

Jillian Amatt was a Class Afloat student on our ’94/95 voyage aboard the Concordia. She submitted this reflective blog post for us to share. In 2017, at the age of 40 years old, I decided that I wanted to sell…Read More

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Check out our students YouTube channel!

“David_is_sailing” For those adventurers who have a love of photography, Class Afloat is such an incredible opportunity to capture the world through their lens. Each and every floatie (aka student) has a different perspective and many have shared their journeys…Read More

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The European Nomad

Written November 5, 2021 I am aboard a tall ship at last! I should start where I left off, however, in Spain. Since leaving there our crew has visited four countries; France, (briefly) Belgium, Netherlands, and at last our ship’s…Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sleeping at Sea

Written November 28, 2021 Adaptability is key when attempting to do anything on a ship, and sleeping is no exception. Berths aboard are about six feet long and not quite tall enough to sit up in. The first step, when…Read More

Alumni in the Spotlight
Student Alumni in the Spotlight: Sarah Fennessey

Get to know Class Afloat faculty and students throughout the ages in our Alumni in the Spotlight series. What’s your name? Sarah Fennessey Where are you from? Calgary, Alberta, Canada What year did you sail with Class Afloat? 2010 Winter…Read More

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Updates Affecting the 2020-2021 Voyage

A message from David Jones, President at Class Afloat.

Alumni in the Spotlight
Student Alumni in the Spotlight: Celina Diaz

Meet Celina Diaz, this week’s Student Alumni in the Spotlight.

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Know Your Knots: How to Tie a Bowline

How well do you know your knots? Learn how to tie a variety of sailing knots in these tutorial videos created by members of the Class Afloat community. Up first? The Bowline!

Alumni in the Spotlight
Student Alumni in the Spotlight: Amy Russell

Meet Amy Russell, this week’s Student Alumni in the Spotlight.

Whale of a Tale
A Whale of a Tale: Notes from the Ship

In this update from the ship, our Deckhand, Nicholas, shares a close encounter with a pod of dolphins, a handful of orca and a chase that had everyone on the edge of their seat.

The Creative Classroom
The Creative Classroom: Teaching Abroad on a Tall Ship

What’s it like teaching on board a tall ship? Kyle O’Donnell shares his experience teaching math on board Class Afloat.