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Know Your Knots: How to Tie a Bowline

How well do you know your knots? Learn how to tie a variety of sailing knots in these tutorial videos created by members of the Class Afloat community. Up first? The Bowline!

Alumni in the Spotlight
Student Alumni in the Spotlight: Amy Russell

Meet Amy Russell, this week’s Student Alumni in the Spotlight.

Whale of a Tale
A Whale of a Tale: Notes from the Ship

In this update from the ship, our Deckhand, Nicholas, shares a close encounter with a pod of dolphins, a handful of orca and a chase that had everyone on the edge of their seat.

The Creative Classroom
The Creative Classroom: Teaching Abroad on a Tall Ship

What’s it like teaching on board a tall ship? Kyle O’Donnell shares his experience teaching math on board Class Afloat.

Alumni in the Spotlight
Faculty Alumni in the Spotlight: Kyle O’Donnell

Meet Kyle O’Donnell, this week’s Faculty Alumni in the Spotlight.

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COVID-19: Updates

Learn about the school’s response to COVID-19 in a letter from Class Afloat President, David Jones.

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Prevention and Management Response to COVID-19

An update to our community regarding COVID-19 and the 2019-2020 school year.

Gulden Leeuw
Class Afloat Named Sea Education Program of the Year

At the 47th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships in St. Petersburg, Florida, Class Afloat was named Sea Education Program of the Year! The award is handed out each year by Tall Ships America, an organization focused on…Read More

Class Afloat Sailing
T-minus 1 day Until Graduation – Student Takeover Day

Who said that the last few days after final exams should be restful days where our only focus should be cleaning up and packing up? As we anchored off Scheveningen and prepared for our upcoming grand arrival and family reunions,…Read More

Enric Russia Blog
Russia was my Favourite Port

It’s actually incredible to think that Class Afloat was able to go to Russia. Many students were looking forward to that port. Let me explain to you how the customs in Russia were as they looked very Russian. You have…Read More

Alex Russia Blog1
From Russia to Estonia

As we slowly motored out of the port of St. Petersburg, we passed by hundreds of huge housing blocks where hundred of thousands of people lived squished together. Block after block after block, every building looked the same; grey, ugly…Read More

Rose Poland Blog
Once Upon a Time in Poland…

Something really cute happened whilst we were in Poland. I will always remember Easter in Poland. We had a ship wide easter egg hunt that morning. Lots of chocolates for everyone, thanks to Joe’s mother. It made us feel a…Read More