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Enric Russia Blog
Russia was my Favourite Port

It’s actually incredible to think that Class Afloat was able to go to Russia. Many students were looking forward to that port. Let me explain to you how the customs in Russia were as they looked very Russian. You have…Read More

Russia Blog
From Russia to Estonia

As we slowly motored out of the port of St. Petersburg, we passed by hundreds of huge housing blocks where hundred of thousands of people lived squished together. Block after block after block, every building looked the same; grey, ugly…Read More

Rose Poland Blog
Once Upon a Time in Poland…

Something really cute happened whilst we were in Poland. I will always remember Easter in Poland. We had a ship wide easter egg hunt that morning. Lots of chocolates for everyone, thanks to Joe’s mother. It made us feel a…Read More

Copenhagen, Denmark: Best Port Program – Ever.

While motoring into the city of Copenhagen, we were greeted by one of the largest bridges in the world connecting Malmö, Sweden with Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, not a single cloud in the…Read More

Water Hero 2
To Poland in Two Parts

It was the most cinematic moment of my life.

London, United Kingdom
Magical London

With our food stores diminished after 18 days at sea, we passed through the locks and under bridges into London where we left in the masses to explore.

Margeaux London
Dear London, I’ll be Back

Having five days to visit a place filled with art, culture, history and good food by ourselves was making everybody incredibly happy.

Summit Blog Myriam2
Reaching the Summit

Reaching the summit is a special moment for anyone having the nerves to climb all the way up.

Leimei Community Blog 1
On Land and at Sea: This is my Community

No one really thinks about the bond or community that the whole crew shares. Nobody would understand this except for the people who have been in the same situation.

Eloise London Blog
London is my city

We successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the second time and arrived in London! We arrived two days early at Canary Wharf, so we had one school day with an evening of shore leave and a full day of shore…Read More

Marilyn Tourangeau Photo
Parent Port Adventure

Hamilton, Bermuda was the port people were looking forward to most this second semester. Everyone was so excited to see his or her parents after sailing for one month. After ten days of sailing from Havana, we were finally entering…Read More

Eliane Picture
Dairy Island

After a 14 day sail and 2 days of anchor, the small community of our magnificent vessel was impatient to discover the Azores. Many of the students went to the grocery store to replenish their empty snack bag. The nights…Read More

Dominica Sailing
Class Afloat: Season 2 Out Now!

Excitement for Season 2 of Class Afloat was shown with cheek-to-cheek smiles and many hugs, as if it had been months since we had seen each other.

Dominican Republic
Adventures in the Dominican Republic

During our visit in the Dominican Republic we worked with the Foundation Mahatma Ghandi.

Abstract Sunset On A Sea, Fantastic Sky Clouds Background
Cuba, What a Wonderful Place

Cuba…what I saw here swept me off my feet.

Img 0135 14
Engraved Forever

After a wonderful homestay in Dominican Republic, I had to come back to my good old ship, the Gulden Leeuw…

Aerial View Of Tropical Beach In Caribbean
Homestays in the Beautiful Dominican Republic

We sailed into the Dominican Republic on a beautiful calm morning and were welcomed by dozens of Humpback Whales!

Gap Year Tall Ship
Experiences of a Lifetime with Class Afloat

After spending a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic we set off on an eight-day sail towards Havana.