Parent Port Adventure

Posted on May 9, 2019 by Class Afloat Student Natalia M.

Hamilton, Bermuda was the port people were looking forward to most this second semester. Everyone was so excited to see his or her parents after sailing for one month. After ten days of sailing from Havana, we were finally entering Hamilton. Every single student had a position to make the entrance more exciting. As we entered, you could see the large group of parents waving and screaming at their children.

Natalia Bermuda 2

For the entrance there were maximum two people in each side of the square sail. They needed to line up with the person that was on top for it to look organized. Everyone was in their Class Afloat uniform ready to receive his or her parents.

When we finally docked, students got off the boat to greet their parents. Megan talked to all of us for about ten minutes before letting us go out as a family to explore Hamilton. For the evening, Class Afloat reserved a soccer field for our parents and us to play for ninety minutes. Parents had fun with their children and it was a great way to get to know the others. Also, at the port presentation before arriving to Bermuda, they recommended that we go to the beaches. The main reason they told us to go to the beaches is because there, you can find pink sand and sea glass beaches! Not in many places you can find this types of beaches.

Natalia Bermuda

“Horseshoe Bay” is one of the most recognized beaches in Bermuda since it is the third most instagrammed beach in the whole world! The beautiful view of the ocean with clear sand and big rocks was more enjoyable with less people around.

This is Gibb’s Lighthouse, about twenty minutes away from Hamilton. The location of the lighthouse is perfect to see Bermuda from a highpoint.

Since we were with our parents, transportation was much easier. A plan many of the families had was to go to “Dockyard”. It was a thirty-minute ride and on the way there were many places you could stop by such as lighthouses, beaches, secret beaches, and view points. The ride there was really nice, the road was right by the ocean you could see many different boats and all the houses were painted in pastel colors.

Just before getting to Dockyard there was this small beach. Surrounded by trees and rocks, a perfect place to relax.

Dockyard is a place for most of the boats in Bermuda. Around, you can find many good restaurants. One thing about Bermuda is that they eat a lot of fish; each day they had “the fish of the day”. The day I went there the fish of the day was Rockfish. I ordered in a restaurant that had the form of a boat and it came with beans on the side; it was really tasty. At Dockyard you could also find a marine place were you went to see the dolphins behind a glass. Lastly, they were a couple of museums around but the one I found more interesting was a museum full of forms of transportation from the past. You had to pay five dollars to enter, if you are interested in that kind of stuff, it is worth it!

This is the mall located in the middle of Dockyard called “Clock Tower Mall”. Inside they were many locals that sell souvenirs, ice cream and other goods. It’s bigger than it looks!

Everything closed really early so as we got back to Hamilton exhausted, we enjoyed once more the beautiful view. The day was almost over and it was time to say good night to our parents and go have a good sleep to be ready to explore more tomorrow.