Introducing the Alexander von Humboldt II

Posted on October 18, 2023 by

Class Afloat is proud to announce a change in ship and a new partnership with the German, Class ‘A’ tall ship, Alexander Humboldt II. 

Earlier this month, our school was saddened to learn that due to concerns related to COVID-19, our ship partners at The Gulden Leeuw felt they would be unable to fulfill their planned charter for the upcoming school year.

Having played an invaluable role in the Class Afloat program since 2014, the Gulden Leeuw will hold a place in the legacy of Class Afloat along with other tall ships that have served as home and classroom to our students for the past 37 years.

Looking forward, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the Alexander von Humboldt II, a SOLAS certified, German flagged tall ship built in 2011. With a home port Bremerhaven, Germany, the Alexander von Humboldt II, known to its sailors as The Alex-2, will serve as the Class Afloat vessel for the 2021-2022 journey – and hopefully years to come!

Alex II

Why has the Alexander von Humboldt II been of such interest to Class Afloat, and why will she be particularly well-suited to serve our students?

A Class ‘A’ tall ship: Similar in size and gross tonnage to the Gulden Leeuw at 65 meters (213’), she is barque rigged in the ‘square’ sail style of a traditional sailing vessel, equipped with 24 sails and 1,300 square metres of sail area.

SOLAS Certified: The SOLAS certification is the gold standard of seaworthiness and operational safety, the highest level of certification that an ocean going vessel can obtain. Alexander von Humboldt II is considered to be at the top of the fleet for sail training vessels in the standards of its build, its operational safety management systems, its sail training program and environmental standards

Shared Values: The Alexander von Humboldt II is operated by the German Sail Training Foundation (DSST), which, like Class Afloat, was founded in 1984 with a mission that includes the promotion of youth welfare and mobilization, the promotion of international attitudes, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of ​​international understanding and the promotion of sport. The “original” Alexander von Humboldt, and the namesake of the vessel, was a German naturalist, geographer and explorer.

“The sea is a bridge – it connects countries and people.” Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt, Natural Scientist

Modern Safety Features: Built in 2011 to replace the original means that the ship was built to the most demanding of German standards and equipped with modern safety systems and facilities.

Extra Space for Students: With four deck levels, the ship is more spacious, allowing additional room for classes, eating spaces, bunk cabins, social spaces, dedicated Classrooms and outside deck space.

Larger Classrooms: Classrooms on board the Alex-2 offer more options to accommodate classes of various sizes and study spaces for students outside class hours.

Cabins: Students will be accommodated in 4 bunk cabins, each with its own head, sink, and shower.

Environmentally Responsible: The ship meets high MARPOL environmental protocols for its operations, including the treatment of wastewater onboard and strict sorting and disposal procedures for other waste.


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